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The Essential Beach Bag

Let's face it - beach bags aren't just squared-off totes any more. Today's beach bags come in a huge variety of materials, styles and sizes. Consider the offerings in canvas, jute, or recycled sail cloth. These heavy materials remain desirable because they are both durable and washable. They are chosen for everything from the over-the-shoulder peasant bag, to zipper-enclosed totes. In fact, these materials lend themselves well to nearly any roomy beach bag design and are often paired with rope, leather, or zippered pockets.

The nylon beach bag is similarly practical and are especially suited for the guys out there. Look for duffel bag styles, with its elongated rectangle shape and multiple pockets.

Women however remain the typical beach bag carrier with bags full of goodies for the whole family, such as beach or pool snacks, drink bottles, reading material, wallets and car keys. Beach bags are really a carry-all for carrying all!

Beach Bags Go Woven

Raffia, wicker, and straw - today's woven bags come in a wide array of styles and colors. Improved techniques make color integration a much-simpler process, greatly enhancing the woven bag's desirability. Whether choosing a small over-the-shoulder raffia bag, or a picnic-style beach bag with matching tote, the woven bag is here to stay.

The Beach Bag as a Beach Accessory

The familiar tote plays a major role in beach accessories, and has for generations. Today's beach bag totes come in every size imaginable - some large enough to carry a couple of lounge chairs and an umbrella or two! Let's face it, the tote has evolved. There are elongated pouches with shorter, rounder handles. Puffed pouches with either short or shoulder-length straps. Snaps for "toting" mats. Drawstring tops or picnic-box lids. Interior or exterior pockets. Most importantly, beach bag totes are available in any material - canvas, jute, nylon, cotton, straw, or even plastic. Beach bag totes are stylish multi-functioning beach accessories!

Let's not forget designer beach bags. These extraordinarily beautiful bags look as appropriate at a posh dinner establishment as they do on the waterfront. But designer beach bags have come to mean much more. They are the practical-but-stylish expression of a woman's personal taste, and in today's world, that means anything from an embossed animal to a classy variation on the mesh bag. In fact, in every corner of the marketplace there's sure to be a style, a material, a tasteful-yet-functional beach bag suitable for everyone.