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2 Styles Found  

Regardless of how the weather looks, there's nothing like a great pair of women's shorts to keep your wardrobe diverse and comfortable. Not only do women's shorts come in a virtually unlimited number of designs, but when worn with the right outfit, shoes and accessories, they can be suitable for most occasions.

Shorts For Fun In The Sun

Boardies, also known as boardshorts, were originally meant for aquatic activity. These women's shorts are made from quick-drying materials like nylon. While they are ideal to wear while surfing or swimming at the beach, boardies have recently become acceptable to wear in casual settings. Black board shorts look formal enough to wear while shopping or when going to sporting events. The vibrant colours and fun prints of board shorts make them very popular amongst teenagers and college-aged students looking for trendy women's shorts.

Beach shorts are different from boardies, but are still worn around water. These women's shorts are made from cotton blends and other soft fabrics that still dry easily. They are easy to slip on over a bikini or one-piece. Waistbands tend to be elastic, and many are tied with a drawstring.

Athletic And Fashion Shorts

Other types of women's shorts are running shorts which are made from light-weight fabrics such as polyester. Flowing material makes the garment free and easy to move in, which is required by runners. The inseam length varies depending on the best fit for the runner, but should always be long enough to keep the thighs from touching each other. These shouldn't be confused with cycling shorts, which are women's shorts that often come in the same dark colours (usually black) and fit tightly over the hips, stomach, and thighs. They are an essential part of cycling fashion and have been adapted to be worn with casual clothing. Some women wear cycling shorts underneath skirts and dresses for slimming purposes or modesty- truly a fashion staple among women's shorts collection.

Another option for athletes are sweat shorts, which are just shortened sweat pants. These are women's shorts that are tied with or without a drawstring. They can be worn for cardio exercises and walking on warm days. When it comes to pyjamas, there are few more comfortable options than sweat shorts. Skorts combine the femininity of skirts with the maneuverability of shorts. A flap encircles the entirety of the front (or front and back) of the shorts yet still have an inseam dividing the leg holes. These women's shorts come in as many styles as there are skirts, and can be worn to low-key and formal settings alike.

Women's shorts are available in plenty of styles to complement any body type. Browse the Trixan's assortment of women's shorts to find exactly what you need.