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23 Styles Found  

Pants - A Key Element in Your Wardrobe

Most of you probably find it hard to imagine a wardrobe which didn't feature pants. Trousers are a key element in the contemporary woman's wardrobe, with an abundance of different styles available that make it possible to wear pants every day if you wish.

A Quick History of Pants for Women

Did you know that it was once uncommon to see a woman wearing pants? Yes, its true, up until as recently as the 19th Century, women were more likely to wear skirts or dresses instead of pants (which were traditionally seen as a male garment) for all kinds of activities including horse-riding and outdoor work.

Of course, there is always an exception to the rule, and some women did start to wear pants as early as the 1930s. Notable examples include the glamorous Marlene Dietrich and aviatrix Amelia Earhart, both of whom had the brio to wear pants with pride before it was trendy to do so. Some people may have deemed women who wore pants as being unfeminine, but when witty, powerful women like these started to sport them, trousers starting getting the attention they deserved in women's fashion.

The changes brought about by the Second World War were also particularly significant in increasing the numbers of women donning pants. As large numbers of men went away to fight, women took on the male roles of factory work and wearing pants became a necessity rather than being directed by fashion. After the war, fabric shortages also meant that pants were a more cost-effective to produce and so became the most practical option for women! However, pants really became a women's fashion item, rather than simply work-wear, in the 1960s. Finally, designers such as Yves Saint Laurent realised that women wanted the comfort of wearing pants, with chic styling that suited their curves. Soon styles such as capris, harem pants, palazzo pants and denim jeans were hitting the stores, and pants became fully accepted into women's fashion.

Wear the Pants at Trixan Body

Our range of women's trousers features something for every occasion and personal style, with fits varying from the versatile legging to classy wide leg pants. With so many great looks to choose from, you'll find easy-going trackie bottoms, which are ideal for lazy days at home, and cute capris that you can wear with ballet flats and a camisole while shopping with the girls, or dress up with a fashion top and heels on a night out.