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6 Styles Found  

Why Every Woman Needs Slips in Her Wardrobe

Have you every bought a gorgeous dress, only to find that when you wore it, the fabric didn't hang correctly or irritated your skin? Do you love wearing light, floaty skirts in summer, but find that they are sometimes too revealing? If so, then it is high time to add a few slips to your wardrobe. A slip is a type of lingerie designed to be worn under dresses and skirts to prevent all of these problems and more. Wearing a slip will ensure that clingy fabrics like silk and nylon drape as they are intended to, prevent chafing and create an extra layer when wearing lightweight materials that would otherwise show panty-lines. As an extra bonus, opt for a shape wear slip, which will refine and enhance your curves for an even smoother and more groomed finish to your look.

The Difference Between Half- & Full-Length Slips

Slips are divided into two main categories : half-length and full-length. Full length slips hang from the shoulders and fall to skirt length, to be worn with dresses or under a top and skirt. A half-length slip is a underskirt or petticoat, and hangs from the waist, allowing you to choose a bra or camisole separately.

Shape Wear Slips & More from Trixan Body

At Trixan Body, you'll find a wide range of shape wear slips and more, from leading brands and all at affordable prices. For those looking to perfect their figure, shape wear lingerie can open up a whole new world of style opportunities. A well-chosen shape wear slip can work wonders, creating a sleeker line instantly and making it possible to wear trendy cuts and catwalk styles. The right shape wear slip will smooth away lumps and bumps for a more toned look that will boost your confidence and feel comfortable throughout the day. Available in a range of classic shades, a body-contouring slip could be the most valuable item of lingerie you add to your wardrobe this year!

If you are shopping for underwear to wear under dresses with strapless or plunge necklines, a slip can also be a great option. Or for added versatility, consider the benefits of an open bust style slip that can be worn with your preferred style of bra. And for those times when romance is in the air? A lacy and opulent slip with decadent detailing is sure to set hearts beating faster!