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White Suspender Belt


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3 Styles Found  

The History of The Suspender Belt

The suspender belt evolved from earlier underwear design to answer to the changing requirements of women and changing attitudes towards fashion. In the pre-Edwardian period and ,indeed, up until the early 1920s, it was the norm for women to sculpt and control their figures with heavy corsets, holding their stockings up with suspenders attached at the below the waistline. Notoriously uncomfortable to wear, the corset was to become less popular as styles changed for a freer and easier way of dressing. Suspender belts, with a wide band of fabric worn around the waist and two or more suspenders hanging down to attach stockings to, were the new solution. Suspenders had their hey-day in the 40s, 50s and 60s, offering a practical way to keep stockings in place. When hosiery manufacturers invented tights, suspenders were no longer an everyday essential. Over the decades, the design of suspenders has remained much the same, although changing textile manufacturing processes have made it possible to find a large of variety of textures, colours and fabrics.

Every Woman Needs A Suspender Belt in Her Lingerie Drawer

If you've never worn stockings, you might think that tights are the only hosiery that you need. But we think that you might be missing out! Stockings worn with a suspender belt is a very comfortable option, create a clean line under your clothing and of course, have a provocative reputation that will make you feel sexy and confident (even if no-one else gets to see them!). Whether you are looking for briefs with suspenders to give your partner a sensual surprise for your anniversary, you want a white suspenders to complete your bridal lingerie, or you simply prefer the classic style of a suspender belt and stockings for daily wear, you'll find a range of gorgeous choices from leading brands here.

Tips & Tricks for Wearing A Suspender Belt

1. Feminine, alluring and flirty, suspenders look fantastic worn with matching briefs and bra.

2. Complete your look by choosing a pair of chic stockings from the wide choice available on Trixan Body from sheer black to contemporary textured finishes, you are certain to find something to appeal to your style.

3. Make sure that you order the right size of suspender belt to make sure that you enjoy a great fit. Don't forget to adjust the suspenders so that they hold your stockings at the correct length.