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2 Styles Found  

A hoodie, also known as a hooded sweatshirt, is a staple of casual sportswear.

Hoodies originated in the United States during the 1930s as practical garments for labourers working in extreme temperatures. In the 1970s, the hoodie gained widespread popularity due to the introduction of hip hop culture to New York city. Soon, top designers incorporated hoodies into their fall and winter collections.

Warm Up In Style

Hoodies offer the same amount of warmth as any cotton-blended sweater with the added benefit of an attached hood, which is useful during high winds, cold mornings, light snow, or rain. This makes the hoodie perfect for exercising in winter's plunging temperatures. As you warm up while jogging or going through your morning cardio routine, you can easily unzip the hoodie down to let in air and let yourself cool off. A crop top can be worn underneath in order to go from one end of the coverage spectrum to the other. Tracksuit bottoms are often designed to match hoodies and complete a trendy exercise uniform.

However, hoodies aren't just worn for their comfort and warmth. Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren helped make the hoodie a fasionable item amongst skateboarders and surfboarders. Sportswear lines such as Puma, Quicksilver and Bonds increased brand recognition by turning their logos into illustrative works which were then printed on the front of hoodies. From there, high schools and universities began to foster school spirit by promoting the names of schools (along with their clubs, teams, sororities and fraternities) on hoodies as well.

Hoodies And Their Varieties

The hoodie doesn't only come in one or two designs. It's just as diverse as any other piece of activewear. The fit ranges from baggy to tightly formed. Sleeves are normally full-length or three-quarter length. Fronts are plain or feature a single large pocket, which may then be separated into two pockets by a zipper. Zippers usually run the entire length of the hoodie, or extend from the neck to the center of the chest in a style similar to a cardigan. Aside from logos, hoodies are adorned with stripes, floral prints, and subtle geometry. Of course, you can never go wrong with solid colours to match a tank top or t-shirt, either. Terry cloth hoodies are light enough to be worn on top of bathing suits and cheerily bright or dramatically dark colours.

No matter what you're doing this winter, you'll need to stay cozy and comfortable. Look through Trixan's collection of hoodies to find something to bundle up in.