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Underwear Essentials

Everyone needs a basic selection of underwear which they will turn to for daily use. For men, options include briefs and boxer shorts, and sometimes a singlet (vest) or t-shirt. Women need a choice of bras and briefs, which come in a huge selection of styles to suit every body shape. Childrens underwear is based on adult styles adapted to fit a smaller physique. Girls who have not yet undergone the full changes of puberty often forgo a bra, but may wear a crop top or training bra. Most people find that having a good range of well-fitting, flattering underwear in neutral colours such as white, black and skin tone or nude will serve them well for day-to-day-use. Fabrics such as cotton and microfibre are in common use in essential underwear collections as they are easy to launder, soft against the skin and breathable.

Underwear Fashion Extras

Alongside those basic underwear essentials, adding a fashionable touch to your underwear selection is easy. Underwear designers incorporate modern prints, colours and textures into traditionally cut styles to bring a new twist to your usual look. The hottest designers even play around with standard underwear styling, creating new shapes and becoming even more daring, ideal for all those trend-setters out there. Fashion lingerie and undergarments may feature exotic fabrics such as lace and velvet along with embroidery, rhinestones and other embellishments.

Underwear That Gives You More

The latest underwear designs offer more than just style or comfort. Women can discover new body confidence with an excellent selection of body shaping garments which will enhance their silhouette and make them look slimmer without resorting to plastic surgery. Men can find added support and comfort in ergonomically designed compression wear.

Underwear Size Matters!

Whether you are a mum buying underwear for her children, a teen buying her first bra, a man shopping for trendy trunks or you are treating yourself to some sexy lingerie, when shopping for underwear it is size that matters. One of the main reasons that people are disappointed after making an underwear purchase is because they buy a size which is too large or too small. If you've ever spent a day wearing a bra which digs in around the chest-band, or briefs which you have to keep hitching up, you will know just how inconvenient and uncomfortable the wrong sized underwear is. To get it right, and avoid these problems, you should measure yourself, or get measurements of the person whom the underwear is for. Look for online size guides for assistance prior to purchase.