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Balconette Bra


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20 Styles Found  
20 Styles Found  

The Balconette Bra

A balconette bra is known for its alluring aesthetics and barely-there coverage. The bra's cups cover half to three-quarters of each breast. Rather than an organic, curved line at the top of the cups, a horizontal line is utilized to bring attention to the bust.

Step Up Your Style In A Balconette Bra

The bra receives its name from its lack of coverage when viewed from above. A women sitting directly underneath a balcony while wearing this garment will appear to be wearing no bra at all! This makes it supremely suitable to wear with low-cut shirts, dresses and other women's clothing.

Slight cushioning in a balconette bra lifts and separates the bust to enhance cleavage. While there is usually not enough to create a padded effect, this extra material works as a shelf inside the bra for the bottom of each breast to sit upon. This shelf has a minor tilt to help the bust shift on a slight outward angle. The bottom of these cups are lined with underwire that is much shorter than the wire found in a contour or t-shirt bra. Since a balconette bra stops at one inch above the nipple, less material is used in its entire construction. The back band as well as the straps are typically made with fine, delicate crafting.

A push up balconette bra uses a thicker shelf to lift the bust even higher. This gives more support and lift to women with larger bust sizes who want all the perks of a balconette bra. Women with smaller breasts, however, may even want to use a balconette bra as part of their daily push up attire. The missing cup material at the top makes it a perfect push up bra substitute for petite women.

Make A Bold Impression with a Balconette Bra

A lace balconette bra is especially useful for formal gowns that require the least amount of chest coverage. Your silhouette will appear as striking as possible in a black balconette bra, shapely panties and a tightly fitted evening gown. Lightly coloured casual clothing will benefit from a nude or white balconette bra for the work day or while out shopping.

Demi underwire bras from Freya, Pleasure State and Panache come in a wide variety of different styles. For centered deep necklines, a plunge balconette bra is the best way to keep your bust secure with the least amount of fabric possible. Many balconette bras have contour cups that keep their form when not being worn, providing additional security and confidence.

Add a balconette bra to your underwear collection today, and show off everything your wardrobe has to offer.