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6 Styles Found  

Shapewear of Yesteryear and Today

Women of a certain generation will perhaps associate shapewear with the restrictive designs of girdles which were a wardrobe essential until the late 1960s. For anyone who has never had the dubious pleasure of wearing a girdle, it was a garment which controlled the figure and slimmed the waist. Although effective body-shapers, girdles were uncomfortable, which led to women looking for other alternatives. Shapewear as we once knew it has long gone, but over recent years, there has been a resurgence in the industry, as women look for new and better ways to sculpt their figures without experiencing discomfort.

What Can Shapewear Do For You?

Shapewear has a number of purposes within any stylish woman's wardrobe. The first of these is to slenderise the figure, with shapewear magically smoothing away lumps and bumps and disguising trouble spots. Secondly, shapewear is designed to create a clean line for your outerwear to sit on top of. This will make clothing hang better and look as it should, rather than clinging in the wrong places! Whether you are petite or plus-size, shapewear can tackle body-issues and give you the confidence to wear the latest fashions or even drop a dress size.

What Kinds of Shapewear Are Available?

The popularity of shapewear has meant that numerous leading brands have produced collections of intimate apparel designed with the purpose of figure improvement in mind. Shapewear brands such as Spanx, Body Nancy Ganz, Trinny and Susannah and Nearly Nude offer an extensive range of body-shapers which tackle common dressing dilemmas such as chunky thighs, muffin top or a large rear.

There are three main types of shapewear available: full body, pants and shorts, as well as shapewear hosiery or pantyhose which incorporate control panels. Full body shapewear covers from mid-thigh to under-bust or takes the form of a body-suit and is the ideal choice for women who want to create a perfectly smooth silhouette for an evening dress or business suit. Shapewear briefs rise to the ribcage, and are excellent for daily wear under your jeans or trousers, while shapewear shorts offer additional slimming of the thighs.

Shapewear is available in a full range of sizes, with garments to suit beautiful women of every size and shape who would like to widen their clothing options. While much of the shapewear available is unembellished, and offered in traditional colours such as skin-tone, white and black, there are an increasing number of brands offering prettier designs featuring lace details and deliciously feminine colour-ways.